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(Het gesprek)

The project

Surviving Extinction

Surviving Extinction

Complex Nature

Exploring the complex relation of man, nature and technology.

The project

Shifting Grounds

Shifting Grounds

Research & Photo Project

Depicting the proliferation of Japanese knotweed, one of the many problems caused by man.

The project


Without a Story

Movie without a storyline

When we watch a movie, we supplement the story based on our imagination and life experiences. What if you're watching a film where there was no intention to tell a story? This film doesn't tell a story, but it does generate beautiful stories from the viewers.


Depicting a feeling

When creating a film, we can use visuals, dialogue, music, and sound to evoke a certain atmosphere or feeling. In this case, only visuals and sound are employed.

Ironing, Leave It to Her

About the mental load of unpaid labor

In the first film of a trilogy, you witness what happens when the mental burden of unpaid labor becomes too much for a woman. Is it resistance or madness?

Being a Woman Sucks

About the mental load of unpaid labor

In the second film of the trilogy exploring the mental burden of unpaid labor, there emerges a bit more resistance or madness. What burdens can we bear?

About the mental load of unpaid labor

In the third film of the trilogy on the mental burden of unpaid labor, the action becomes more violent. When does it become too much?

Lost Rituals
Lost Rituals About etiquette and courtship


Het Gesprek Photobook

Het gesprek


"Het gesprek" is not just any book. In addition to its content, a mourning story that assists people in their own grieving process, a lot of attention has also been paid to the conceptual design.

The book


Every Day Recovery - Editorial Photography
Sulfites Or Not - Editorial Photography
Capella Chair Photography
Product Design Photography