Drowning in Plastic

Drowning in Plastic - Photobook

About the zine

Plastic pollution is steadily growing. It's taking over our planet. We're doomed to live with yesterday's plastic pollution and still we are worsening the situation.

Drowning in Plastic - Photobook


For "Drowning in Plastic," models were photographed in or behind plastic. The images serve as a metaphor for how we, as humans, are literally at risk of drowning in all the plastic.

To make up for the use of plastic in this project, a donation was made in favour of Plastic Oceans International.

Drowning in Plastic - Photobook


For the cover of the magazine, plastic was photographed. The title is presented in a font that looks as sharp and random as the folds in a large piece of plastic. This font is also used inside for the quotes.

Inside, there will be a brief introductory text followed by the photos. The photos are displayed full-page. Plastic takes over everything.

Drowning in Plastic - Photobook

Drowning in Plastic - Photobook


Photographs and concept by Claire Dekens
Printed by Haletra

Price on request