50°59’NB 5°23’OL

50°59’NB 5°23’OL - Photobook

About the book

The climate is changing everywhere in the world, except here? What is changing in our own environment? And why don't we notice it?

For this project, photography was conducted in the local surroundings. New images are compared with photos from the past. Information from experts is gathered. Climate change is indeed present in our own environment.

50°59’NB 5°23’OL - Photobook


The book addresses some of the most significant changes in our environment. If nothing is done about these, the consequences can be disastrous. Each topic is briefly explained, accompanied by photos. Additionally, a glimpse is provided into the Ecotron laboratory in Maasmechelen, where the future is simulated.

50°59’NB 5°23’OL - Photobook


The title of the book and the photo are deliberately chosen in such a way that you cannot immediately discern the location. The cover photo could be from any dry area anywhere in the world. Our once wet country is no longer as damp.

Because this involves a more scientific theme with accompanying text, multiple fonts were selected. This allows titles and quotes to stand out effectively. The reader gains an immediate understanding of the subject matter and is more likely to engage with the additional text.

A combination of serif and sans-serif fonts was chosen for the typefaces. Page numbers are partially submerged, symbolizing our gradual descent as the water rises almost to our lips.

50°59’NB 5°23’OL - Photobook


Photographs and concept by Claire Dekens
Printed by DWCPRINT
Cover: MC gloss 200 gr, pages: MC gloss 130 gr

Price on request