Without A Story


As a viewer, you are guided through a film by means of a storyline. Additionally, you may notice some elements added by the creator to make it clear to the audience what is about to happen. Other elements will evoke feelings of restlessness, fear, contentment, and so on. This can be achieved through music, subtle references in the visuals, the color of light, the positioning of characters, etc. (semiotics). As a viewer, you are directed, even though you may not realize it.

With "Without a Story," the opposite approach was taken. There is no storyline. The character performs an action that doesn't exist in everyday life. There is no music, only background sounds. In essence, in creating the film, every storyline and all symbolism were avoided.

Viewers didn't know the film's intention. They were asked what they thought the film was about. Everyone had a different story. We recognize things that have a particular meaning to us, thus creating our own narrative.